Monday, May 5, 2014


It's the end of my junior year and I am in another period of transition.

I have moved most of my things out into a friends apartment until we can move in together up a floor in her building. It's two bedroom two bath and I cannot wait for the freedom that comes from living off campus. I am starting an extremely stressful summer class for about 3 weeks and then traveling to Germany and Austria for about ten days. Then I go home, work for about two months and then come back to begin my senior year. I am excited about my future, but also nervous. I auditioned for something that is something I want more than anything and really important for me to do before graduate school. I should know today or tomorrow if I got it and the anxiety is unbearable. I just keep praying for peace and acceptance of whatever the outcome will be. Patience is not my strong point.

I've also had MAJOR wedding and baby fever recently. I don't have baby fever often, but one of my childhood friends recently had a beautiful baby boy with his wife and my other best friend from home has a beautiful seven month old girl who I can't wait to hold again. It's going to be a while till Deon and I get married, but I helped throw a wedding shower for a music major couple I've known for a while that are in my married voice teacher's studios like Deon and I are. My teacher joked and said that I needed to get engaged soon so they can throw us a shower too. I know Deon and I have talked about getting engaged senior year or around graduation time, but it's not a done deal and I know he has ideas that I don't know about…guess we will have to see. I know it will happen in it's own time! :)

Here is a glimpse of what has been going on in my life over this semester.

Deon was somehow put on the cover of the J. W. Pepper choral music magazine in their March issue! 

I explored a part of the Ocoee that I've never been to before. It is breathtaking.

I love this pic. <3 

Deon and Kenneth exploring! 

Before the Brendel gala. 
The bests got to sing The Flower Duet together! 

I've always wanted to do a duet with Millie! We rocked it. 

SAI photoshoot 

This is our huge chapter now with our ten new girls and our graduating seniors. 

My family lineage. 
Deon and I at Easter.

My beautiful SAI sister, soon to be apartment neighbor, Katie asked me to her bridesmaid in her wedding in 2016!

This semester has been one of the better ones that I have had in a year and a half, especially grades wise. I think I will have all A's and B's this semester which hasn't happened in a while. I am so thankful to the Lord and my wonderful professors for helping me.

I cannot wait to see what He has in store for me.

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