Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The tale of ACDA, the Econolodge Hotel from Hell, and other Adventures.

Aka Spring Break 2014.

So I got to leave for spring break earlier than everyone else, because a group of us went to the American Director's Choral Association Conference in Jacksonville Florida! ACDA has several divisions and this was the southern one. It basically was a three day conference full of lectures on choral music, music education, singing, show choir, and in between all that were performances by fabulous choirs of different ages and conductors. I loved it! I cannot wait till conducting is my living completely. I learned so much in the lectures. My favorite conductor was Simon Halsey who conducted Balthshazzar's Feast on the final evening concert of the conference. I attended his lecture and found out that although he went to a school in England where he was raised to be in choir, he never had a speck of conducting training, but fell into it naturally and now he's one of the best conductors around. He was incredible. I left feeling inspired. One of my professional goals is to have my choir be asked to perform at an ACDA conference.

While the conference was fabulous, we did have some mishaps on the way…like staying in a really REALLY ghetto, gross, Econolodge, that I was convinced we were going to get murdered in, our stuff stolen, or leave with bedbugs.

Before a show choir concert. 

Our ACDA Lee Student Chapter. I look super awkward. 

My pictures don't do it justice. Seriously. Our shower was a bomb shelter. 

The room doesn't look too bad, but it smelled of smoke, my bedspread had some weird stains, and the carpet…well. 

Us outside of the conference center. 

Simon Halsey conducting Balthshazzar's Feast. 

One of the few nights my hair sort of behaved. Floridian humidity drove it wild!

Rachel and I. 

After three days of that, Nick, Deon and I cheerfully bid our friends goodbye, and drove another four hours to Boca Raton Florida to visit Deon's old roommate and good friend Tyler. Sadly, I forgot to get a pic with him, but we got ourselves a very cheap and NICE hotel and spent two days living it up on the beach. It was heaven.

The Beach we spent most of our time at. 

I've been getting to do a lot of reading! 

On the pier. 

Nice huh? 


On our last day, we drove three hours to the St. Petersburg for our last beach day on the Gulf this time! This was the day I got pretty sunburned but I know a nice tan will be coming out of it. I have a few more days of break left and then it's hell week, but I'm so thankful I got to enjoy some great choral music and warm weather with my favorite people!

Also some Deon gems from our trip: 

"You know that song with Eminmememe?" *Enimem* 

"Let's go in this Surf Shop and buy some Douche tanks and take some douche pics and make everyone hate us." 
We did it. See picture above. 

"Oh God, I look like a Mexican." *after tanning*
Me: Stares in disgust while I freckle even MORE. 

*In the rain walking from the concert hall to the conference* "I want to walk ALONG THE RIVER IN THE RAIN BECAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY." 

*Watching some pale boys play volleyball on the beach* "Oh my God, I just had an idea that could make millions. That kid is so pale it looked like he was sparkling in the sun for a sec like Edward Cullen. I could make sparkling body gel spray or something that makes them glitter in the sun like a vampire…all those teenage girls would buy it cuz they so thirsty." 
Hmmm he may be on to something...

Hope all my fellow college kids enjoyed your break!

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