Monday, December 23, 2013

My 21st Birthday

My twenty-first birthday was yesterday, and was a surprisingly quiet one. Honestly at home I only have one or two friends to celebrate with these days. I'll definitely be going out with some people at school when I get back and Deon arrives in four days so he and I will do something.

I slept in till ten and then went downstairs and read my birthday cards. Presents included birthday money from Grandparents, Chanel red lipstick from my Mom, (it's SO FANCY), a gift card to Anthropologie from my Dad, and I will be getting a new peacoat at Macys when they go on sale. I have some other gifts from Deon and some of my friends coming as well.

My Chanel Lipstick. I feel like a celebrity. 
Then I went and sat around in my pjs for a bit until my parents and I went to lunch for Indian buffet. I LOVE Indian food and there's a great little joint in Yardley that I go to anytime I can when I visit.

I then sat around some more and watched Love Actually until about 6:30 when Katie picked me up. She and my other childhood friend Ashley took me to the Green Parrot Pub for my first legal drink. I ordered an Irish honey which has whiskey in it. It was okay, but to be honest I loved the food sampler we got a lot more. Their spinach dip and wings were AMAZING. :P Leave it to me to love the food more! The Green Parrot is a super cute place and I love it, but there was an Eagles game going on and it was extremely loud, so the three of us ended up walking down the street to Isaac Newton's where I downed four shots, and a beer. The first shot I hated it tasted like Robitussin, but after that I had a Baby Guinness shot which was basically Baileys and Kahlua, and it was incredible. I wanted to keep downing the stuff but I forced myself to stop and end the evening with a beer. Ashley and Katie treated me like a queen and gave me a birthday sash and a shot necklace haha. They paid for everything and made it a really fun experience.

My sash and necklaces. 
Baby Guinness shot. 
My favorite shot of the night hahaha. 
After we left there, Katie and I stopped at Taco Bell because apparently drinking gives me an insatiable appetite. The guy who gave us our food gave us free brownies on account of it being my birthday and the Eagles winning! Yet another reason for me to love Taco Bell. :)

I ended the evening finishing Love Actually and drifting off to sleep. I woke up perfectly fine with no headaches. I wish Deon and a lot of my school friends had been able to be with me, but I am so glad Katie and Ashley took the time to take me out and celebrate with me. I love when my birthday is, but since it's so close to Christmas it can be hard to coordinate plans.

Katie and I. 
Christmas is in two days and I am looking forward to attending my first midnight Christmas Eve/Day service in Yardley with my Mom, and a quiet Christmas dinner with them. Then in two days Deon shows up!! It's going to be a great time and you will be hearing about all of those experiences soon. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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