Friday, December 13, 2013


After battling a stomach virus, having to postpone my jury until January, performing in six performances with Chorale, five finals, a piano exam, and one Christmas party, I am DONE with finals. To say it was hell is the understatement of the year being as sick as I was, but I passed my final piano exam so I no longer have to take any piano! I just tried to keep my chin up and so far my grades coming in are ok. I dominated my conducting final, history went well, and I passed my two psych classes which is all I cared about. So far I am waiting for my theory grade to see if I passed that. If I did that will be the best Christmas gift I could ask for. 

I'm still on campus because Chorale sings for winter commencement tomorrow, but then I will fly home Sunday for almost a whole month. Let the Christmas shopping and 21st birthday partying commence! 

Even with the five million things I had to do this semester, I got to have some fun. ;) 

I went to see my old choir Ladies of Lee perform at Rock City with Deon and Rachel (who also used to be in it and is in Chorale with me now). 

Dr. Songer and I.  I look up to this woman so much. 

2 of my favorite girls. Heather and Rachel. 

derp derp 

How cute are we? 

There's so many of them! They sounded great. 

Strolling through the Enchanted Lights Garden.

I wish I had more pictures from the Chorale White Elephant Party, but these two will have to suffice. 

Us in our ugly sweaters. I also have a jumper tucked in to look like a shirt on too haha. 

Deon got the best gift ever, but sadly it got stolen by someone else. :( 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!

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