Friday, September 20, 2013

Deon's 21st Birthday

Deon turned 21 on Tuesday. This is so crazy....we are actually in our twenties. We aren't teenagers anymore. I was thinking the other day how instead of saying "back home in Pennsylvania" I say "at my parent's house in Pennsylvania.." how time has flown!

Since his birthday was on a weekday, we spent the whole weekend partying it for him. And by partying I mean hiking, dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and then going to McKay's afterwards like the dorks we are.

My favorite view in the world is at Chilhowee. Imagine sitting on a stone wall listening to the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack....epic. 

We made another stop at Benton Falls since Sam had never seen it. 


Goofing around. 

Sassy Deon 

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse. 

The whole gang: Millie, Anna, Michael Robb, Deon, Heather, Me, Sam, Rachel, Nick, Kelly and Andrea. 
On the way to our first hike!

On Tuesday, Nick made a sumptuous dinner for Deon and just Millie, Rachel and Sam came over for that. We talked and ate, and played some Mario Kart. I made Deon a pumpkin cheesecake and a dessert pizza too. 

I am so proud of my wonderful boyfriend and excited to see where God leads him. He's going to do great things! Happy Birthday Deon. <3 

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