Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adventures in Philly

My friend Kelly lives in Virginia and we go to Lee together. She and two of her friends were road tripping to Philly for a day or two and asked to stay with me. Of course I said yes! I had extra room too since my family is out of town. They spent the night and then we got breakfast at a cute little place along the Delaware just five minutes from my house. I had chocolate chip pancakes they were wonderful!

Me and Kelly, Katie, and Sarah

Me modeling my hair wrap courtesy of Kelly. I'm rubbish at that sort of thing. :P 

Next we drove into Philly and visited the Museum of Art. I've been to the Franklin Institute and the Met in NYC, but never this one and I had no idea on the first Sunday of every month you "pay what you wish." In other words, you can come in and get a ticket and pay them a penny, a dollar, 5 bucks, whatever price you want to see the exhibits. It's awesome! We wandered around in there and there were so many beautiful paintings by Monet and Van Gogh and Degas that I enjoyed greatly. There was also a very cool armor collection. We couldn't stay as long as we liked because the girls had tickets to tour Independence Hall, but I'm glad we got to stop in!


The horse's armor creeped me out more than the knight's!

An old choir book. <3 

The girls did Independence Hall (they had run out of tickets and I have seen it a bunch of times anyways), while I walked around and enjoyed the weather. Then we took pics in front of Independence Hall and they dropped me back home and headed back to VA.

I stopped in one of the smaller museums and said hey to Ben Franklin one of my favorite patriots. 

I took a picture outside of this building in 2010 when I was 17 when I had was (again) showing a friend from TX the sights, here I am now at age 20. I look almost exactly the same. :P 

We are strong independent women in front of Independence Hall. Couldn't resist. 

I was so glad Kelly could come and her friends Katie and Sarah were so fun too! Katie's reactions to the Museum were priceless, I could only imagine how excited she'd get if she ever gets to go to the Met! I've really only visited Philly for the Franklin Institute, the annual Flower Show, Phillies baseball games, and then to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, and go to Penn's Landing. I wish I had explored it more intimately growing up since I won't be here as much anymore, but it is amazing that I live right smack dab in the middle of a state that is full of so much rich history about the founding of our country. I LOVE IT!

Us on the ride home. :) 

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