Friday, July 19, 2013

That one concert where I got punched in the face.

Yup. It really happened.

I hadn't even been a freshman at Lee for a week I think when they had UChurch. My school has chapel Tues/Thurs every week and then once a month on a Sunday night there's UChurch. They always have famous Christian artists come in for it. I've seen Phil Wickham (AMAZING though I don't have any pics :( ), The City Harmonic, and Gungor twice just to name a few.

This time however I was seeing Family Force 5.

Now I had never heard of FF5 till coming to Lee but apparently they are an extremely popular punk/rock Christian band. It's funny cuz they did their music video for "Wobble" a few months later on our campus and a ton of my friends are in it, and they can be seen around our campus a lot visiting for various things so I'm used to them by now. At that time though, I went to the concert mainly cuz my new friends were and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Also perks of being a Lee kid, all these are free and there's always free food at the mixer afterwards.

So I laced up my sneakers, put on my Lee tee shirt, put my lanyard around my neck, like the stereotypical freshman I was, and camped out with Deon, Chelsea and Morgan. Morgan was from my hall and was ECSTATIC about seeing FF5. She was a very quiet girl who had a deep obsession with all of them which shocked me. Chelsea, had seen them numerous times and had their tees, and had met them once or twice. So Deon and I were the two clueless ones. When they opened the doors we raced to the front and got seats.

I got really into the concert, but unfortunately, the guys got a little TOO into it. Morgan grabbed my hand and raced me into the mosh pit that had formed and we started bouncing with the songs. Chelsea was long gone somewhere else in the pit. Poor Deon was alone not willing to get in that mess. The guys started slam dancing (which I had never witnessed before), and this nice guy Deo (who looks like a REAL LIFE FLYNN RIDER PEOPLE I was so sad when he transferred), tried to keep the guys from running into Morgan and I since we were the only girls down there without boyfriends to protect them (I didn't start dating Deon till a year later).

The final song was happening and the crowd got more and more intense. One guy in particular got hurled towards me with his arms outstretched. Deo saw it before I did and tried to block it, but he wasn't quick enough and the guys fist made contact with my eye.

I've never been punched before and just froze in total shock. The song had ended and everyone was cheering and then leaving. Deo grabbed my face and began examing my eye asking if I was ok. Ngl, he's super gorgeous and I was more into looking into his face and was not complaining about the closeness of our faces OKAY OKAY I'M a girl I notice guys alright? Lol.

Once he was assured I had no damage other than a light bruise he escorted me towards my friends and Deon then freaked out and took my face in HIS hands demanding to know if I was alright. Should have known he liked me then but I was a little bit blind lol.

ANYWAYS, the story doesn't end there. Somehow, the guys of Medlin (the freshman male dorm that Deon was a part of), were throwing a mixer and begged FF5 to show up and party with us. They agreed and were there for a while. I got coffee with my friends and we made into Medlin's tiny lobby and we all partied and dancing with FF5!

Let's just say I was in love with college lol. Chelsea met and got pictures with some of them and I'm in some group dancing pics with them.

All in all it's a night I will never forget. They may not be a favorite group of mine, but they're really nice guys and I had a blast!

Chels and I waiting outside. We had glow in the dark glasses for the occasion!

Deon would absolutely KILL me if he knew I posted this hahaha. It's a terrible pic, but the first of us ever taken so of course I had to add it. 

Chapstique rocking out. 

Yup...there was crowd surfing. 

I was very proud of this shot. 

My excited baby Heather at the party. 

FF5 rocking out with us. 

Heather was so thrilled I got this shot bahahaha 

Chelsea spazzing after meeting Chapstique. 

We look horrific, but Deon and I worn out after the party. 

Lee's never had a concert quite that um....exciting again. The school was a little alarmed at the slam dancing and they've kept it pretty tame since then haha.

If you wanna see a ton of my friends in the music video for their most popular song "Wobble" it's here! The scenes in the dining hall I actually watched get filmed. I wasn't in it mainly because I never had the time, but so many of my friends are!

The elevator they use is the one I take every day in the music building ha. I love my school.

P.S. The elevator has never been the same since. It stalls a lot and I've gotten stuck in twice. Pretty sure it's from all the wobbling.

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