Friday, July 19, 2013

Nick Jonas August 2011

Later that summer, another dream of mine came true.

I had graduated and about a week before I left for college I saw Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers live..and with VIP seating! I've been an avid Jonas Brothers fan for years and Nick is my favorite. Mom would never admit it, but with his southern charm, Christian outlook, and music she has a little crush on him too. She's told me multiple times she would not be opposed to me marrying him ha! I really want to see him, and his brothers live at some point.

This concert was epic because I got to sit in the VIP tent and eat really great catered food and had the best view. The weather went nuts though and it very quickly started to POUR rain and I mean POUR like a monsoon! They let the stage open up and a bunch of us ran to the front and stood in the pit. He was literally only a few feet away from me! My pics are AWESOME. It was pouring rain and we are all rocking out. He also covered Someone Like You by Adele which made me bawllllll like the emotional teenager I was ha. It was such a fun concert even with me getting soaked through and through.

Before I got soaked. 

I swear he was looking right AT ME. 

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