Friday, July 19, 2013

Mumford and Sons

Now I've been to many amazing concerts and they are all special in different ways, but this one takes the cake.

Last summer, while I was at home from school moping around, Frank had found out they were playing in Hoboken so he got Jen and I tickets and we hopped on the train and went! The weather was lovely. Slightly overcast with a little bit of rain, but it was so cool and breezy out! Frank had recently proposed to his girlfriend too and I was getting ready go back to Lee so we were all in high spirits!

Mumford and Sons music moves me in a way I can't explain. They are so talented it's unreal. They played some new stuff from their album that hadn't released yet, including one song they've never recorded. I wish they had! The final closing song was The Cave and Frank, Jen and I were bouncing up and down fist bumping and screaming the lyrics along with the best of them! Then there were fireworks along the river as they left.

I can't describe how perfect that night was in words, but here's some pictures.

This is probably my favorite pic of Jen and I ever. I want it framed. 

New York.

The siblings. 

I adore this one. It captures us quite well. 

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