Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th

*some of the pictures were not going where I wanted. Blogspot can be a butt about this so yeah just ignore the weird photo layout. And I can't get rid of the white stuff later on??? I don't know blogspot confuses me Tumblr is easier.* -___-

 July 4th is a special holiday for America. My day consisted of going to Atlantic City beach with my friend Ashley and the weather was perfect and I didn't get burned! A miracle for me. Then I came home and ate dinner with my parents while watching Harry Potter. All in all a great day.

 July 4th is a special day for me in another way too. One year ago today, Deon shyly asked me at the finale of a fireworks show at the Grinnel Park in Iowa to "go out with him" or as he meant to say, be his girlfriend. I was sunburned beyond belief from swimming earlier that day and I knew he was gonna ask and was paralyzed with nerves and I like an idiot just blurted out "sure" and kept looking at the fireworks. *facepalm*

Us last year before he asked. This was when my sunburn still looked decent...oof. 

Yeah leave it to me ruin any romantic moment we try to have, but hey it was still cute!

One of my fave pics of us ever. 

Yesterday I awoke to a flower delivery. Deon had sent me a bouquet of beautiful white roses and one single red one!! I had no idea they were coming it was such a lovely surprise. He also had a card enclosed which had a line from one of our favorite poems on it. He's also sent me a card but it's not here yet. I wish more than anything I could be with him right now, but this was the next best thing.

His roses. :) They are lovely!

Annnnddd now it's time to get sappy.

Seriously you guys know how bad this year was for me. But a lot of good came out of it too and one of those things was Deon. He’s been my best friend, my loyal partner, my hilarious nerd, my comforting hugger, my taco bell driver,  and the the most wonderful boyfriend. 
We’ve had it tough at times. When we first dated it was extremely difficult at least for me it was. We had a lot to learn and we almost called it quits, but he made me stay. He kept me from running away and wanted to fight for me and for us and deep down I knew I did too. 
He’s grown so much in the past two years it’s really incredible to me. He’s become more kindhearted, more open, more loving, more caring, unselfish, that man would do ANYTHING for me. He’s learning how to love me in the way God loves me. He’s a man that I am looking up to. He’s a man that wants the best for me and puts my needs above his own every time. Even in stupid crap like who gets to play guild wars first. He might have just gotten on, but he lets me have it right away. Even in the little things he shows his love. He’s a man I trust, a man I want to do everything in life with. He keeps me in check, but helps me to grow. He encourages me to be the best me I can be but he loves me just as much whether I succeed or fail. He loves me for me. And as insecure as I am, he’s still the only one who can make me feel calm and secure and even beautiful. He’s not super showy always on how much he loves me, but he shows it in the little details or random gifts he gives me, the way he rubs my back or squeezes me hard when I cry, the way he says my name, when he says he loves me, and in the cards and poetry he writes.
We still have a lot of growing to do and lord he can drive me CRAZY!!!! And he’s one of the weirdest people I’ve ever met, but he tolerates my little quirks and actually likes them and I feel the exact same way about him. Right now he’s at a fireworks show in Iowa and I’m here in bed in Pennsylvania and more than ANYTHING do I want to be with him right now…but we will be soon. In the meantime my heart is full with thankfulness towards God for letting me have him. And for giving me someone who is willing to fight for me. I don’t deserve him at all and I don’t treat him half as well as he treats me, but I hope I continue to grow too and be the best girlfriend for him I can be and love him the way Christ loves me. 

I can't wait for the new adventures we will have together. :) 

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