Friday, July 19, 2013

Demi Lovato Concert

So one of my favorite things to do in the world is go to concerts. Seriously. There's nothing like it (except for performing in one yourself), can you tell I'm a musician? lol

My "little brother" Ethan's 18th birthday was this week. I can't believe how grown up he is. He just started his first job, got a license, graduated high school and is currently looking at colleges. In my head he's always going to be baby faced ten year old Ethan though. He's super talented at anything to do with computers (mainly apple products), photography, and he's obsessed with Demi. He won four tickets to a concert she was doing at Penn's Landing in Philly on the exact day of his birthday! He offered his sister Jen and I two of the other tickets so the three of us went together!

Demi Lovato is one of my favorite artists of the day and I have a tremendous respect for her. I grew up watching her on Sonny With A Chance (one of my favorite Disney shows), in the Camp Rock movies with the Jonas Brothers, and listened to all of her albums. However, when she checked herself in to rehab and told the public about her ongoing issues with bulimia, cutting, and a bipolar disorder I became even more interested by her. I listened to her album "Unbroken" constantly and watched every interview I could get my hands on of her discussing her struggles. It was such a brave thing for her to do to be that open with the press and with her fans and she is now one of the leading advocates for getting help to the so many people who struggle with these same things. While I have never cut or had eating disorders myself, many of my friends have and I have seen first hand how they can destroy your life if you let them and it's something I take very very seriously. I think she's a beautiful strong woman and her voice is simply stellar. To get a free ticket to a concert of her's was a dream come true!

We left for Philly around 3 and we stopped and I had my first Chipotle meal ever on the way. It was wonderful! Then we got into Philly around 5 and stood in line in 102 degree weather. Yeah it sucked. We've been having a heat wave here in PA. We stood in line for almost an hour and then they let us in. I loved the venue since it was right along the river and there were steps we were able to sit on. The opening group played and then Demi came! Ethan ran down to the front to get close to her and videod it. He said she was so close he could have touched her. Jenna and I were too exhausted by the heat to bother going down but when she started to sing we got our energy back and started singing along to the lyrics and dancing. She started with "Heart Attack" and her newest single "Made in the USA" which I love. She sang a lot of old stuff too like "Did You Forget," "Get Back," etc. When she sang "Did You Forget" I was suddenly transported back to being 15 again and all the heartache I was dealing with at that time. I remember listening to that song constantly. She is one of the few singers today who can sing live and be amazing. She has great breath support, control, tone, and her songs are so soulful and filled with raw emotion. It was thrilling to watch her. She looked so cute and beautiful!

She also covered "Titanium" by David Guetta and Sia, and "Stay" by Rihanna, both which made me tear up. They are perfect songs for her voice and some of my favorites. Then right before she sang her song "Skyscraper" about overcoming struggles in life she told us all that if we set our minds to it we can overcome anything whether it's depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating/mental disorders, and she encouraged us if we ever felt down to listen to her songs and be encouraged by them and to talk to people and get help. It's so obvious how she cares for her fans.

She sang a few more songs off her new album including "Really Don't Care" which is one of my favorite screw you songs, and ended the night with "Two Pieces" which happens to be a special song to me because it's Deon's favorite (he's obsessed with her latest album and was so mad he couldn't go lol) and he wrote some of the lyrics in a card for me. She performed it for us for the first time live!

I enclosed some pics of the concert. Almost all of them are Ethan's because his camera zoomed in way closer than mine did. It was an amazing concert and I'm so glad it worked out!

The birthday boy with Jenna and I.

And now start Ethan's clearly better ones!

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