Friday, July 19, 2013

Darren Criss 2011

So my first ever official concert I went to the summer before I went to college. Darren Criss was performing at the Irving Plaza in NYC and more than anything I wanted to go see him with my best friend Jenna. Our mom's reluctantly agreed to take us and we found tickets for only 30 bucks. It was standing room only and hotter than hell, but oh so worth it! I have the HUGEST crush on Darren Criss ever. If Deon didn't exist and I somehow could manage it I would marry that man in a heartbeat. Seriously. GUH. I was so happy I was able to take Jen to that concert. She and I had been through a lot the last couple of years and Darren had become our inspiration in a lot of ways. One of my top ten songs of all time is his song "Not Alone" which Jenna and I particularly love because it helped us through heartbreaks, disorders, etc. He sang it at that concert and played piano and the fans had bubbles and they floated around. It was magical. The Warblers from Glee and Lauren Lopez from Starkid (DID SOMEONE SAY DRACO MALFOY??) came on for a few songs too. The Warblers sang Teenage Dream from Glee and Lauren and Darren did "Get Back to Hogwarts" from their musical A Very Potter Musical. I was an avid Starkid/Gleek at that time so that made it doubly awesome.

He also covered some oldies like "One Fine Day" which makes me SWOON. The man is perfect I tell you. Sadly, our moms made us leave before the concert was fully over so I missed him covering "Valerie" with Naya Rivera from Glee, and I really had wanted to meet him and thank him because his music helped me get through some things, but I never did. So I am determined to go to another concert of his one day and meet him. It's on my bucket list.

Some of these are obviously not mine. 

Jen and I look like total babies here at 18 years old and to think that was only 2 years ago!


Darren and The Warblers

Riker Lynch from the band R5 isn't he a cutie? They're getting pretty famous themselves.

Darren and Lauren Lopez

Jenna and I in line. *sigh* as always my hair needed serious help....

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