Sunday, June 23, 2013

Horses, Heat, and Home.

Whatever I suck at blog titles.

It's been a while guys! I've been home almost a month, and spending my days working 3 days a week at Fire Creek my horse barn just exercising the horses, teaching lessons, and other duties.

I'm happy to say it's been relaxing but at the same time, the summer is going by fairly quickly and for that I am thankful. I miss my boyfriend and my friends and not singing every day is driving me insane.

Some pics of my life these days:

This is Tom. Tom is a Fresian for sale that I am riding right now. He's a bit of handful but tons of fun!Z 

Listening to great music like the police as well obviously. 

I finally made it to the beach yesterday! It was perfect weather. 

Rasberry Passion Tea has become my new drink.

Lovely days in Princeton with Jenna. 

Perusing Barnes and Noble and came out with these gems.

In a few days it will be Deon's and my one year anniversary. I really was hoping he could come see me, but he got a job that he starts tomorrow. I'm so excited for him, but unfortunately that meant he had no time to come visit. Ah well. It will make when I see him so so much sweeter. :) I leave August 11th to go back to school. A friend is getting married here in PA on the 10th and then right after Victoria and I will drive back to Lee. I'm ready to start fresh!

I thought this summer would really suck. I do get lonely since I don't have as many friends here really at all anymore, but it is good for me to have some alone time to focus on me and trying to figure out what I want out of my life and where God is leading me. I also rediscover things I forgot I loved and never had time to appreciate such as READING!! I have quite the book pile. John Green novels, some books Deon gave me, and right now I am currently trying to work my way through the Harry Potter series. I'm on Goblet of Fire right now and loving it! I feel like I completely lose myself in that world. I also rediscovered my love of Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Judy Garland.

Speaking of actors/singers, have you seen Now You See Me? It's a film all about these illusionist magicians who steal from a bank using their magic act. So so so good and the effects are brilliant. There's a plot twist too! Go make time to see it.

I am also trying to lose 15 pounds. Yeahhh. That's def been a journey, but a lot of my friends are also trying to eat healthier as well so we can all encourage each other! I'm watching my calorie intake and between riding and workout routines I feel so much better! I don't feel bloated and blah anymore and even though I haven't lost weight quite yet, I can feel the difference! Right now I'm in the stage of trying to trick my body into substituting other healthier foods over what I like. My weakness isn't's pasta, wings and soda! Soda has been the most difficult to cut out. I was up to 3 or more Mountain Dews a day and now have managed to go to one a day and then even skipping a day. And lots and lots and LOTS of water!! If anyone needs any workout ideas, follow my board on Pinterest (link is on this blog), for some really good fun ones!

And when the day is done, long late night Skype conversations and playing Guild Wars 2 make my nights worthwhile. :)

I hope everyone is having a great summer!

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