Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day? Thou Art Sweaty and Disgusting Please Go Away.

So after a nightmare of a day on my first day as a summer school student finding out I got a D in my theory class and having to drop my two summer classes cuz I was not longer able to take them unless I had a c minus or above, I joined music history which I was going to take this fall and am retaking theory 3 with a different professor in the fall instead.

This of course sets me back even more and to say I am pissed is an understatement. I feel my grade is unfair and I worked harder than almost everyone in that class. I just ugh. Right now I really hate college and feel like an idiot.

Thankfully my Music History class is right up my alley and Dr. Warner is restoring my faith in teachers. I had my first exam Tuesday and I did really well and I am loving the intimate class atmosphere with only Dr. Warner and 4 other students. I have two more weeks to go and then I am done with it! This Friday I leave for my dear friend Frank's wedding to his fiancee Tess in Chicago. Frank is the older brother of my best friend Jenna and our families have been close ever since I can remember. Today Frank graduated law school with his doctorate and now in a week he's getting married! As his "little sister" and close friend I am so proud of him and have marveled at how his life has just fallen into place. He is living proof to me that hard work and dedication pays off. I look up to him a lot. I know his road hasn't always been easy. Frank and Tess have asked me to sing Ave Maria at their wedding which I find amazing since they haven't even heard me sing!! I am a little nervous since I've never sang at a wedding before and I don't want to mess up their day, but I think it's going to be fine. I leave Friday, the wedding is Sat and Sunday I race home to continue class.

Summer school has been so great because my class runs from 1-3:30 M-Th and so I can sleep in and I have Fridays off, plus music and history? Two of my favorite things to study! Since I have had a lot of free time, I've spent a lot of time with summer school friends and such. Deon's roomate this past year Tyler is a good friend of mine and sadly is transferring to a school back in Florida. Since he was here for an extra week after Deon left, I hung out with him and finally completed some more things on my bucket list.

Every student at Lee has certain "Lee experiences" that you have to have done. Some of these are:

  • Going to Chilhowee (completed)
  • Swimming at the Blue Hole 
  • Climbing the library roof (completed)
  • Cliff jumping
  • Going to Mexiwings for Taco Tuesday (completed)
  • Going to Mtn View hotel to see the view (completed) 
  • Fountain hopping (completed)

Those are just a few of the things you experience being a Lee student. Since I had never climbed the library or the English building, Tyler and I did both of those things and ate Taco Bell up there lol. The English building is really high and a little scarier to climb but really fun! We took some pics. 

The view from the English building roof. 

Tyler and I

A few days later, my best friend Delanie showed up and spent 4 days with me. I have missed her so much I was so glad she came. We went and saw Gatsby (very good btw), and yesterday we spent the day with Millie in Chattanooga.



This one is my favorite!! 

Millie, Me, Delanie. 

It's been a great two weeks. I love summer school! I am ready to go home though and see my mom. :) 

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