Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Nails and Summer Resolutions

Yesterday morning I had to send Deon off back to Iowa. It really really sucks. I hate how far away from Iowa Pennsylvania is. I'm jealous he gets to go home though. I'm really ready, but I am stuck at Lee for another month for summer classes. We said a very long goodbye, and he gave me a cute little card that I keep reading over and over. I miss him tons already. I think he's going to be able to see me in July though so I just have to count down the days for that and shortly after that it will be time for school again.

This summer I have a lot of goals. I'll be working two jobs hopefully. One as a waitress at the Pineville Tavern, and another at Fire Creek Farm where I've been riding since I was a kid exercising horses. I also plan on going to the gym, exercising and trying to improve my HORRIFIC eating habits. I've gotten really unhealthy and it's taking a toll on me not to mention I've put on a lot of weight. Riding is going to help that alot along with getting to eat real meals lol.

I also plan on doing a lot of reading, continuing to practice my singing, going to the beach, seeing a few concerts, going to Bowmans tower, hanging out in New Hope and Princeton, and visiting the beach quite a lot. I'm determined to keep busy.

I was determined yesterday to not sit around being a cry baby and throwing pity parties for myself, so I went to the nail salon with my friend Amanda. I got fake nails that look like I had a french manicure done. I've never had fake nails before! It was def a guilty pleasure. Being a pianist, I was never allowed to have long nails and I always bit them off anyway. I love them!! So far I've been able to maneuver with them pretty well except when it came to opening a can of Mountain Dew. :P

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