Wednesday, May 1, 2013

End of the year.

I am done my sophomore year of college. Although there were some definite major highlights like singing at the inauguration, NATS, passing my UDAE jury, and being in Ladies overall academically and emotionally this was the worst year for me in college yet. I'm pretty scared to get back my grades this semester. I'm sitting here in my almost empty room just reflecting. My suitemates and roommate already left. Lexi and I aren't living together next year sadly, but I am excited to be in an apartment dorm with Cynthia and Anna. I'm going to the lake today with Nick and Deon and maybe Tyler, and then Deon leaves tomorrow morning. Then I have 4 days of hanging out here in my dorm until I can move into summer housing to start summer classes.

   I felt like posting some pics of people who have really impacted me this past year. Warning: There will be LOTS of pics.

My Roommate this past year Lexi has been my rock. We may not have spent much time outside of the room together, but every night we filled each other in on our day and our struggles and our victories. She's been the one who has held me at 1 in the morning as I sobbed my heart out over heartbreaking news, she's been the one who prayed with me, brought me macaroni from Panera on bad days, wrote me encouraging notes, and always loved me. She has such a loving heart and she speaks the Lord's words to me all the time. He has really revealed Himself to me through her.
Lexi and I at Christmas.

That one semester Lexi tried to be a music major lol. 

Our first day of school. I was a lot thinner. :/


Halloween. A Kitty and a Mormon.

 One of my other best girlfriends who I have found to be always loyal and true who I can talk to about ANYTHING is Delanie. Delanie and I met freshman year and she was the girlfriend of a guy neither one of us is friends with really anymore haha. I didn't like her because she was quiet and shy and I mistook it for being a snob. Plus she was dating the guy I currently liked at the time which didn't help matters. Thankfully for me, I gave her a chance and she opened up more and more and then we became the best of friends. She's one of my few friends who is not a music major and I can't be more thankful that she's been so supportive of my choir concerts, and understanding about my crazy schedule. She willingly listens to me rant about school of music drama, boy problems, and my love for taco bell which she fondly calls Taco Hell. This past semester Delanie transferred to MTSU which is closer to her home. I miss her so incredibly much, but we text almost every day, skype, and she's planning on coming to visit while she's on summer break while I'm here doing May classes. She's really been with me through everything good and bad I've dealt with this year. I love her so much!
She had a leaf in her hair haha. 

Freshman year at midnight breakfast. This was when we were getting closer.

 And of course there is this one. My nutty boyfriend of almost a year. It's been quite a ride for us both. He's been my best friend, my chauffeur, my handyman, my nerd and my boyfriend. I'm not sure what God has in store for us for the future. We are taking a summer to think and pray over whether we should be together as a couple anymore. You see, I have a lot of personal problems I have been dealing with and he recently just shared some things with me that he's been through that I think he needs time to heal from. I am feeling like God is telling me that we are meant to only be friends during this period. It's a hard choice to make, but I pray that He gives us both direction and a peace. I hope and pray we end up together eventually, but maybe the timing isn't right. We both have a lot to work on first. Nothings been decided yet we are just taking time to reflect on it all. Either way we love each other and we will stay best friends no matter what. I love Deon for many reasons. I love him because he cries over chick flicks, I love him because he loves music just as much if not more than I do and wants to devote his life to it, I love him because he makes me a stronger, smarter, person who isn't willing to back down from problems, I love him because he stands up for me, I love him because I know he is loyal to me, I love him because of how he cracks up over the dumbest things and is so easily amused, I love how much he adores his cats and dog, I love how committed he is to me, I love how he puts up with me and doesn't want me to be anything other than who I am, I love him for his dark eyes, his hair that grows so crazy fast I feel like every 3 weeks we are getting him yet another hair cut, I love him for his voice, especially when he sings to me, I love him for his work ethic and his intelligence, he doesn't just believe what he's told he questions it and learns about it first before deciding to take it as his own doctrine, I love his passion for teaching and how futuristic he is in his planning. There's many things about him that drive me insane as well and many many things we both need to work on, but I hope that we can eventually be together as one and make a life together.
The day after I became his girlfriend. We went to the Omaha zoo with his family. 

Being reunited after a summer apart. 

At Ihop reuniting with our friends. 

I look hideous in this but it captures us perfectly. 

One of my favorite pics of him with one of his favorite things...a cat.

Heather was my Big Sister in Ladies of Lee this year. She's smart, sassy, hilariously funny, and a strong independent black woman who don't need no man. :p Whenever she knew I was really down, she was always there to encourage me or check on me and that means a lot. I know she's got a lot of stuff going on too and she IS one of the most popular ladies on our campus ;) but she always had time for me and to go get Hibachi or walking with me from class to class. We won't be in the same choir next year which saddens me, but I'm so excited to see where she goes and what she does in life. Love you girl!
In Chatt for a friends bday. 

End of freshman year at a bonfire.

Jessie lived across the hall from Lexi and I this past year and was also in Ladies with me. Jessie has a servant's heart. She's constantly mothering people, feeding them, cleaning up after them, or just being a shoulder for them to cry on. She is one of the most unselfish people I know and I adore her. She tells me all the time that she loves me and she prays for me and she's def been someone I've had a few late night heart to hearts with and she's just held me and prayed over me. That means so much. She's living with Lexi next year and we won't be in Ladies together anymore, but I hope we never lose our friendship.

She was Pippi Longstocking. 

I don't have many pics of Michael, but he's been one of my best guy friends this year. Michael has been through so much in his life and yet even though he's probably had it worse than a lot of us he gives all of his time and attention to his friends. He's tutored me in theory, listened to me wail about school (let's be real we both wailed and then laid on the floor or went to taco bell), and he's made me die laughing time and again. We will be in Chorale this year together and I could not be more excited. He's my fierce Beyonce (yes that's his name in my phone judge me). Love love love him.

Michael  and Nick studying. 

Millie. Millie and I have been friends almost right off the bat coming to school, but it wasn't till we were in Ladies together that we got super close. Millie knows literally everything about me and vice versa, we struggle with a lot of the same things and it's so great to know I'm not alone. She's so spazzy and hilarious and she is so musically talented it's insane. She's always listened to me and given me advice, cried over theory hw with me, is my New Girl tv show buddy, and came to stay with me for spring break. Millie is never afraid to tell it like it is and has absolutely no filter whatsoever which makes it never a dull moment being her friend! She's doing opera next year so we won't be together quite as much, but she's undoubtedly my best friend and a future bridesmaid in my wedding. :p

Ladies Banquet 

Ladies Florida tour.

Accidental matching day. 

Oh tour...

Our final Ladies concert. 

Nick is the best friend of both Deon and I. Nick is crazy smart, double major in some sort of pre-med and music, has a beautiful tenor voice and knows it. He loves to obnoxiously sing REALLY loudly all over the place especially in Wal Mart as Deon and I run away in embarrassment. He uses it as blackmail. Gets really cranky when hungry, ridiculously happy and giggly over Wreck it Ralph, and I  adore him. Nick's not afraid to give either Deon and I a set down when we're being jerks (mostly Deon let's be real I'm an angel) ;) and he's tutored me relentlessly and patiently in math even though I am the slowest dumbest person alive when it comes to this subject. He's made time to help me with whatever i need and has also been a chauffeur for me. He listens to me constantly about any problems I have and  always asks what he can do. He is so good and kind and I will miss him greatly this summer!

Nick, Michael and I.

There are so many other's who have impacted my life this year that I can't name them all, but I hope this gives you an idea of how blessed I am. No matter what I've been dealing with, I've always had people to love me and be there for me. They have helped me to trust and shown what true loyal friends are. :)

My final piece of news you probably didn't notice that I mentioned is I found out yesterday that I made the Lee University Chorale!! This is probably the best choir at school. Deon is in it as are almost all my good friends. It's been something I've wanted for 2 years and there were finally spots open for sopranos. I am so so so so so so excited for the fall. I love the pieces they choose and since they are a concert choir they don't travel every weekend. Something I am thrilled about!! Next year is going to be great. I can tell.

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