Saturday, May 4, 2013

Adventures at Chilhowee

So it was Nick and Deon's last day in Cleveland and we wanted to do something fun. We originally were going to go swim at the Lake, but we got there and it was a little overcast and cooler than we planned so we decided to drive up to Chilhowee. Chilhowee is the mountains that overlook Lake Ocoee. Nick has never been there. It's absoloutely gorgeous and only about 30 minutes from Lee maybe less. That's where a lot of us go for bonfires and stuff. As you drive up the mountain there are different viewpoints to stop at, so we did that and then near the top is a campground. We parked there because I knew there was a waterfall nearby I'd seen pictures people posted on facebook. We found the trail that led to Benton Falls and walked along it for about 3 miles. We got very hot and weren't even sure if we were on the right trail anymore when we suddenly heard the waterfall in the distance. We hurried the rest of the way down and came to it and WOW. Deon was the first one to see and just went: "Oh CAT LOOK!!!" haha I hadn't seen him so excited in forever.

It's a 65 foot tall waterfall and it's gorgeous! You can walk all around in it. The water  was a little chilly but not too bad. We took lots of pictures.

The first view from Chilhowee

Deon and I spent a whole afternoon reading here once. 

Second view 

We have pics here from a year ago before we were dating too. 


I love this pic I took of Nick haha. 

Nick and I

I look pooped...that's what finals does to you. It also makes you lose hair. 

At the top of the waterfall!

Benton Falls

Deon was excited haha

This is my fave pic of the day. ;) 

I'm a model and Nick is doing opera.

It was a perfect day and the best way to send off Nick. Deon was supposed to leave the next morning but by the time we made it back it was too late to move all his things into storage so I got him an extra day hehe.

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