Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fun Visits

Ugh it's the middle of finals week. I have one Monday morning, and 3 OF MY HARDEST ONES ON TUESDAY. And all of my grades are horrible right now in every class but one so I am so discouraged and upset. I tried my hardest this semester, but apparently it wasn't meant to be.

However on a brighter note, Deon's mother Julie came to visit this past week! She was able to hear us sing the Mozart Requiem with Choral Union, and she was able to hear Deon sing with Chorale in their concert. In between all that we ate out A LOT, walked all over Chattanooga, went up to Lookout Mountain, and went shopping! I am so thankful to have such a great relationship with Julie. I text her pictures of Deon performing all the time, we exchange gift ideas, and we are able to talk and shop without Deon around like we were the best of friends! She is an incredibly loving and generous woman and she gives good advice. Here's some pics from our weekend out.

Us after performing the Mozart Requiem. 

Deon and his mom Julie!! Don't they look so much alike? :) 

He's so handsome. <3

Julie had to take this pic. It's pretty corny!

The Water Steps in Chattanooga. One of my fave places!

The view from Lookout Mtn. 

I don't love this pic that much but it was Deon's fave of me so I had to put it in. :p 

And my personal favorite us at Lookout Mtn!

And now I get back to studying...ugh. Pray for me guys. I need it.

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