Sunday, February 17, 2013

Noodles and Company: A Review

So last night Deon and I went out on our Valentine's Day date in Chattanooga. We were thinking about going to one of our tried and true favorites Texas Roadhouse, but we decided to try something new. My friend Heather suggested Noodles and Company on Market Street so off we went.

It's very easy to find and has a cheerful, fresh atmosphere. You go up to the front to order and what I got was the Wisconsin Mac n Cheese (which they are known for), with an added topping of parmesan crusted chicken, and then an added side of tomato bisque soup. To drink I got an Izze which was really nice because I don't find them often since they stopped selling them on campus (still bitter).  Deon got the same as I did minus the topping and soup, however after trying my chicken he regretted not getting it. Everything I ate was wonderful. Also to those who are legal (one more year to go for me, ) they do serve wine there as well. Deon just got soda in the most adorable paper cup with drawings on it.

The macaroni was a very nice creamy texture with an added topping of cheese (you can never have too much cheese for me,) and the tomato bisque soup was def one of the better ones I have had. All in all everything tasted fresh and well made and the prices were not too bad either. My meal all together was around 12.95 and Deon's was cheaper than that. The service was nice and we had a great time. What a charming place! I looked it up to see if there were any by me in PA so I could take Mom there when I went home but sadly there wasn't. :( I sure hope they expand. So to anyone who is looking for a new place to eat (especially my fellow poor college buddies), check out Noodles and Company!
My outfit for the evening. I've been dying for an excuse to wear this dress even though it's not quite spring yet so I just went with it. :P My hair fell out of it's pinning shortly after this pic though (I suck at hair) so I just let it be natural. 

After dinner, Deon and I made our usual stop at McKays. I am so thrilled that we discovered such a treasure trove here at school! There are only two of them and the other one is in Knoxville I believe. McKays is an ENORMOUS used bookstore but they also sell old video games, tv shows, movies, records, and cds. I come out of there with armfuls of stuff if I'm not careful. They probably have any book you're looking for and a lot of my friends find text books they need there as well. If you are ever in the Chattnooga area check it out! It's a few exits before Hamilton Mall of I-75. I consider it far superior to any other used bookstores I've been to (besides a few in Maine). I found a season of Boy Meets World (my friend Anna just got me hooked onto that big time) and Blue Like Jazz which I have been told by a couple friends is fantastic! Has anyone read it? I'd love any opinions you have on it!

Us at Noodle and Company (forgot to take a pic of my food sorry!) , and my adorable card. 

We got back home and Deon gave me my super sweet Valentine's Day card. It was very him and I loved it a lot. Then we got comfy and watched Kiss Me Kate in the lobby one of my favorite musicals. He loves musicals as much as I do, but there's many he has missed out on so I am slowly introducing him to the ones I grew up with.

Then I fell asleep and woke up at 2:30 horrified I slept that long. Guess I needed it though. As I type this I am being sinful and eating leftover chocolate cake, drinking earl gray tea, and listening to the Westminster Abbey Choir. Guhhhhh I love choral music.

Happy Sunday!

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