Tuesday, February 26, 2013


This is by far going to be my most stressful week.

School has not been going well for me this semester. My grades have been suffering, but I refuse to sink. I got a tutor for theory and he's already been a great help. I did much better in my sight singing exam today, but I still have a clarinet and math exam this week. I am very nervous about both so prayers would be appreciated.

As I go through this week doing crazy busy things, tons of homework, and trying not to worry, I am finding joy in the small things. For instance:

  • I got this Disney plate at Target for 2 bucks when I went to make a Taco Bell run with Genevieve after our class. Disney always makes me happy!!!
  • I got my roomate situation sorted out, now I just hope we get the apartment we want! 
  • My best friend Delanie is coming Friday to hang out with me and I haven't seen her since she transferred so I'm so FREAKING EXCITED! 
  • Then I leave Sat to do two concerts with Ladies in VA and then Rachel, Millie and I leave for PA monday at dawn. Mom is picking us up and Jenna is hanging out with Millie and I that night. I am so ready for home. I've been through a semester and a half of school and rehearsals because of inaugural choir and I need a break! I can't wait to show Millie around and see my parents and be in my own room. 
  • Laughter with friends, good rehearsals, comforting hugs, touches and smiles from Deon, and some really great choral music on Spotify has all been encouraging me and making me happy.
  • I also have my schedule for next semester!! I am taking my first psychology class for my minor which is so exciting; music history, advanced choral conducting, christian ethics, choral union, voice lessons, i am joining the Lee University Opera, and hopefully Chorale as well. I am so flipping excited for next year. I think it will be the best yet. I'll have an apartment, be in the choirs I want, and no more theory or aural skills! 

And maybe a car...one can dream right? ;) 

For all those stressing with midterms this week rely on Jesus! He's got your back. Study hard, but don't forget to find joy in the little things they will keep you going. :) 

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