Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cat goes to Washington

Hey guys!

   Sooo I've been a bit lax on posting. I got the horrific flu thing that's been going around on the tail end of my Christmas break and then I got back to school and just started classes yesterday. I also came back to school a week early because......I am part of the 206 member choir that is singing for President Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony in DC on January 21st!!! Our school was chosen for this amazing honor by Senator Lamar Alexander before we even know who won the election. The Lee University Festival choir is made up of 206 singers out of the 350 that are in our 7 music ensembles here at Lee.

(Not my photo): Dr. Green conducts us in rehearsal. I'm in this pic if you look really closely!
   I had refrained from posting this before because the fact that I might not be going was still to be determined. You see, we had two what us music majors jokingly called "Reapings" (THG anyone?) but yes alas, although Dr. Green the Dean of the school of music here and the conductor of this inaugural choir would have loved to have taken us all...Washington said only about 200 could go. So 200 were carefully selected and lists were posted about two weeks after the announcement. Deon (my boyfriend) and I got picked along with a ton of our friends and we are both so overwhelmed and grateful to be given this opportunity by God and by our school. However, 220 were originally chosen to go. They were going to give us the 9 songs we had to learn over break and expected 5 to be memorized when we came back and they would check to see if we had really learned the stuff. The 20 not chosen would be alternates unless anyone got sick, etc. Choir directors watched for any mouthing or anyone who hadn't learned their music. However, it turns out that people were not able to go because of personal reasons or because of schedule conflicts. So that right there lowered our number to about 206 when we got back. Then we were told he still had to pick six people to go and he was having a hard time doing it because we all knew our music so well! So he ended up calling Washington and he got permission to bring the extra six people. So no one had to leave!!

All of us practicing on the soccer field to get used to singing in the cold. 
    We leave a week from today and I'm so stoked. We have had so many rehearsals already. Out on the soccer field in the cold to get used to our voices adjusting to singing in cold weather, eight hour rehearsals with only a few hours break in much work but so worth it! And the rehearsals have been lighthearted and enjoyable. We've been interviewed and news articles have been covered extensively by Fox and Friends and some other newspapers and whatnot. Pretty cool. We also just learned Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, and James Taylor would be on the same stage with us singing patriotic music!!! I can't believe this is my life!!!

Todd Starnes from "Fox and Friends" gets ready to record from the middle of the bass section. 

    In other news this semesters classes are shaping up to be great. I'm taking some tough classes but my schedule is spaced out a lot better than last semester. Ladies isn't going on spring tour so Millie and I are road tripping it home in March!! My UDAE's are this semester, a studio recital (and perhaps a possible duet with Deon?), and a lot of concerts with Ladies and Choral Union and Ladies is also recording a CD. Craziness!

    Deon and I just passed our sixth month dating mark on the 4th. I am still amazed by how good God has been to me giving me him. He's my best friend, makes me laugh like none other, and is always there for me no matter what. I'm so glad to be back at school with him. I've always been an independent person and all, but I don't feel quite complete until I am back with him again. :) We've got a lot of growing to do together but I look forward to the memories ahead and behind, and for all the things God will show us.
Deon and I at Rock City Dec 2012 
Ugly sweater Christmas party. ;) 

    And my final news....I dyed my hair brunette.
Jessie and Lexi enjoy my panic. 


As some of you know...I am not a spontaneous person. My idea of excitement is going to a new restaurant (even then Deon and I barely know what to do with ourselves....yes I know we are old people). I've never dyed my hair before, but I've always wanted to. I actually love my natural hair color which is an odd mix of blonde, brown, and red. The highlights I have are very natural, but idk it was a new year and I felt I looked blah and I've always wanted to have dark hair. A girl I know recently went from very blonde to very dark hair and it looked amazing. I mentioned it last night to my roommate Lexi and my dear friend Jessie (she lives across from us and is in Ladies with me), and they were like "ok lets dye your hair." And I just said: "Okay." And that was that. Deon took me to buy the stuff but the whole way was begging me not to. He loves my original hair and the idea of me doing any drastic changes to my appearance freaks him out lol. What a weirdo. As a peace offering I let him pick out the brown. He did a good job! He's still kind of meh about it but he'll get used to it. I let Jessie and Lexi do it and squealed and flailed the whole time. It was pretty exciting!! I've gotten a ton of compliments on it and I like how natural it looks and some of my highlights are still there. The dye I got wears out naturally and it really brought out my eye color and Idk....I feel more confident and it gives me some va-va-voom!!!


So yup. That's all for now. You will be hearing about the inauguration again soon complete with pics! Be sure to watch online or on tv Jan 21st!

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