Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Day in New Orleans

  After an exhausting, rewarding, but horrific first semester of my sophomore year, my father flew me to stay with him for three days in New Orleans. Saturday I will (finally) fly home and be with my mother. 
 Before you ask, because this has been a question I've gotten a lot lately, my parents are not divorced. The job that my Dad started over a year ago has him traveling a lot and so during the week he is in New Orleans where he's been stationed since April and then he comes home weekends. It's been quite a while since my Dad and I have spent any one on one time together so I thought this trip would be fun. 

 Today, I got to explore the French Quarter by myself which was lovely. Don't get me wrong, I miss my friends and my wonderful boyfriend (his names Deon and you will probably be reading more about him than you will like if you decide to keep up with this blog fyi), but me being the antisocial creature I am if I am going to be exploring and shopping I very much like to do so at my own pace with no inane conversation. It was lovely to run on no ones schedule but my own today. I ate lunch with Dad and then he left to work and I walked to the St. Louis Cathedral. I thought of my good friend Frank as I walked in...he would def love it there! I sat for a while and did some praying. God and I haven't had any long talks's mostly been hurried prayers that consisted of: "please don't let me bomb this test" "please help me not to bite so and so's head off" "please help me get everything done I need to" and most often: "Please help me not to cry." 
St. Louis Cathedral
Ahhh the joys of college finals. 

It was so relaxing to pray and then just sit and listen to the music (Victimae Pascali Laudes if you really want to know. Told you I like Gregorian chant), and let God talk for a change. I talk at Him a lot but don't listen back very well. I've been working on listening better to everyone around me. I have a bad habit of interrupting and turning conversations to be about me. No one's pointed out to me that I have this habit or anything but it's something I've come to realize more and more. As I sat in silence with my eyes shut I just felt a lovely sense of peace wash over me. I could feel God telling me that everything in my life is going just the way it should be and to continue to open up to Him and take every new opportunity offered to me. I had many this semester and am looking forward to more. 

  Next, I headed across the street to Cafe Du Monde which my dear roommate Lexi recommended. I had cafe au lait and these French donuts which basically taste to me like sopapillas with powdered sugar on top. YUMMMMM. They were just right not too sweet and didn't fill me up too much. I loved sitting and people watching. I def want to go back tomorrow. 

After that I did some Christmas shopping and promptly got lost and used my iphone map app to make it back to the hotel. Go me. 

It wouldn't be a day of adventure without me being directionally challenged! ;)

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